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Difference Between Beni Ouarain And Azilal Carpets

Beni Ouarain carpet, Azilal carpet, Boucherouite, Boujad, Mrirt are part of the category of Berber carpets. The work made of wool is knotted. The weaver adds small knots of wool piece by piece. The other category of carpets is the kilim. Unlike the Berber carpets, they are woven. A long wool thread stretches across the […]

Process of making a Moroccan Rug

1. Shearing Experienced shepherds tend flocks of sheep. The shearing of the flocks’ wools occurs during winter. 2. Cleansing and drying process Next, they rinse the wool in a river and beat them against large boulders. This process cleanses the dirt and wears. They later spread them in the summer sun until dry. 3. First […]