Difference Between Beni Ouarain And Azilal Carpets

Beni Ouarain carpet, Azilal carpet, Boucherouite, Boujad, Mrirt are part of the category of Berber carpets. The work made of wool is knotted. The weaver adds small knots of wool piece by piece.

The other category of carpets is the kilim. Unlike the Berber carpets, they are woven. A long wool thread stretches across the entire width of the rug.

Both types of rugs are made in the Moroccan mountains of the Middle Atlas. One in the Azilal region, hence the name carpet Azilal. The other in the Beni Ouarain region, hence the name carpet Beni Ouarain.

Each region has its own characteristics in terms of sun, temperatures and vegetation. The sheep that are bred there also have different characteristics, adapted to the climate of their region.

For example, the wool of sheep in the Beni Ouarain region is very white. The wool of the sheep in the Azilal region is more beige.

Azilal rugs and Beni Ouarain rugs are among the highest quality Berber rugs. The wool used is in fact virgin wool. This means that it comes from the shearing of a live sheep.

The other difference between the Beni Ouarain rugs and the Azilal rugs is in the patterns.

The drawings depicted on the Berber carpets represent the life of the weaver at the time of manufacture. Symbols of fertility, religion, protection and nature are very often depicted.

On the Beni Ouarain carpets, which are mostly white and black, the motifs are rather purified and graphically represented.

The Azilal rugs, on the other hand, are richer. They can be very colorful or black and white.

The region, the colors and the patterns are the three main elements that distinguish the Beni Ouarain rugs and the Azilal rugs and that will help you to distinguish them.

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